So, the photographers that I’ve decided to show is kind of a lot. But I think we can handle this and hopefully, some of them may be new & possibly inspirational or interesting. Either way, let’s get this started.


Jason Hatfield
“Sunrise on Kebler Pass”

The first photographer is Jason Hatfield. His work varies from within the genres of nature, lifestyle/action, & states/places. With that, the work I am focusing on is nature: landscapes. Glancing at his work, there are very vibrant colors. The areas he is shooting is rich in plant life and bodies of water/mountains. They look like they could be smacked into a magazine.
I think that is the common thread in the photographers I’ve decided to pick. Their photos are mainly highlighting different areas of land, color use is bold almost eye popping, and they almost seem too real to be true…  Which is funny to me, because the next photographer that captures the characteristics that I mentioned is Dave Marrow. On his website he actually shows the before image and then the final product with all the editing. Looking at the comparison between the photos it is mind-blowing how much editing goes into the photos that are presented to the viewer. Which brings up a question to me and that is, how much are we viewing that is true to what the photo was originally and how do we decipher the photo then?

Mark Gray
Blue Calm

Some other photographers/series that I found interesting are:
Reynald Drouhin – Landscape Monolith
Matthias Haker 
Fong Qi Wei – Time is a Dimension

*if you click on the photos, it leads you to the artist website.


One thought on “Landscape-

  1. You ask a key question, namely how should we think about photographs of the landscape that have been heavily edited? Do they capture some essence of place, of light, etc., or are they merely the product of fancy editing moves?

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