Not Just Your Average Christmas Card Family Portrait…

I know most of us saw this on the Chicago trip on Friday, but for those of you who weren’t able to make it, or haven’t checked out the rest of your work, definitely take a look at Julie Blackmon‘s photographs. They are humorous, clever, detail orientated and beautiful. It was a pleasure getting to see them in person. The internet does not do them any justice. 


I wanted to talk a little about some of Sally Mann’s work, because I found her work beautiful, and interesting. 

I loved her images, especially some of the ones of her daughter Jessie. There is a maturity to this girl in some of these images. One that is far beyond her years. There is an intensity in her eyes, and in comparison to some of the other kids, Sally Mann is really capturing something about her daughter.



Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette is one of my favorite of her photographs.


The controversy around her work is something that I understand, but don’t agree with. Documenting childhood, where children are behaving as the would regularly is not wrong. Often times children are running around without clothes on and without cares.

What do you think of Julie Blackmon or Sally Mann? What about photographers who use the idea of family in their photographs?


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